Ayurvedic Skin & Hair care ritual ( Body lotion + Panchgavya Face pack + Triphla Neem Face Mask )

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  • Deeply nourishing and enriching combo
  • Gives natural glow and radiance
  • Removes pigmentation and scar marks
  • Anti Aging – fades away wrinkles
  • Net wt : 8.81 oz / 250 gms
  • Made and packed by a group of village women in remote India
  • Bio Degradable packaging


Natural products combo. This is a complete skin and hair care regime .

Product 1. Panchgavya Body Lotion Benefits : The goodness of Desi Cow milk , Ghee and wheatgerm oil etc penetrate deep into the skin to give nourishment to your skin and to keep it supple and soft.

Product 2. Panchgavya Face Mask : Red Lentils , wild turmeric , vacha , haritaki etc exfoliate and cleanse your skin giving it a natural glow .

Product 3. Triphla Neem face mask : The magic of triphla and the antibacterial properties of neem will nourish your face and neck leaving it squeaky clean. It keeps infections and itching away from you. Reduces carbon foot print . Help Save Planet Earth.

In buying this product you help us protect the indigenous cow breed by bringing in value addition to its existence. Thoughtfully packed in bio degradable zip lock pouches to help you contribute towards a sustainable environment . You also help sustain the marginalized farmer who strive hard to grow chemical free products. Easy to store and can be tucked into your travel bag while you are travelling for work or pleasure.

Reduce Carbon foot print . Use natural products and help save the earth.

Ancient ‘Vedic ‘ culture had given great importnce to the ‘Desi Cow ‘. The bounties that the cow imparts to humans is manifold. Panchgavya in ayurveda means the five elements of the cow like milk , ghee , curd , cow dung ash and distilled cow urine . All these products have nourished and enriched generation since ages.

Directions for use .  Face Pack – Wash your face & neck. Make a smooth paste with water / rose water . Apply on face and keep for 15 – 20 mins. If used as face scrub apply on face with circular motion of your finger tips. Wash with water. Body Lotion : Use the lotion all over your body after bath . You can use it twice a day.


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